About Me

Who am I?
(lol i don't know? Who are you?!)


I go by the name 'UsagiNoSenshi' on the interwebs and in the cosplay community. I've been cosplaying since 2001 and I attended my first convention (Otakon) in 2003. I've been hitting up cons and churning out a ridiculous number of costumes ever since. I'm in my mid twenties, married, and the proud parent of a derpy Border Collie named Sammy.

10 random facts about me!
1- I am 1/2 Polish 1/4 German 1/4 Austrian-Hungarian

2- I grew up in a small town where my family owns a Dairy Farm. My grandparents were farmers, as are some of my aunts and uncles as well as my father.

3- I never played any sports, but I was active in 4-H. I was even the 'Queen' of the county 4-H program one year!

4- I was the New York State Livestock Judging Champion one year, I got to go to a national competition in Kentucky!

5 - Growing up I never wanted to get married. I had very bad luck with boys. Now I'm one of the first people I know to get married!

6- I started going to school for Art. My University had a terrible art program so I switched to Asian Studies as all the electives I had previously taken turned out to be core classes for the major.

7- I really wanted to become a Geologist at one point in time. It was my dream to find new ways to fix contaminated soil so it could be usable again. I also wanted to help farmers find new ways to get better crop yields. Sadly my inability to comprehend Physics killed any dreams of me becoming a scientist.

8- I love the idea of becoming a pop idol, but I can't sing for shit! orz

9- My favorite color is purple, but I hate pink with a passion.

10 - I used to be a tomboy with a secret desire to be a girly-girl. Over the years these two things started to cancel each other out and now I think I'm just normal.