About Me


Believe it or not, whenever I'm not in front of the camera I love to be behind it! I have a strong passion for photography but many times my bulky costumes stop me from being a 'con photographer'.
I'm up for shooting at cons for private shoots or even traveling to location if you live near me! I can suggest locations! I'm very good with pose ideas and set up as well.

If you book me for a shoot you will be getting 45min to an hour of one on one time with me and my assistants. If we need more time to get the shots we are looking for I am glad to go over at no charge. I will also retouch and edit the best 20 or so photos from the set. My fee is negotiable and very reasonable so if you are the least bit interested please send me and email at gundamwarhawk@yahoo.com or message me on cosplay.com.

Sample from private shoots

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(used mostly for non cosplay photography)